Why You Need Funky Socks

People who are confident enough to put on funky socks are not ashamed to let their personalities show in public. Being true to yourself in public and in private is one of the things that is needed to bring the revolution. Therefore, if you are in this category there is a high likelihood that you will increase your intelligence and hence your success in whatever you set out to do. Those who are only focused on wearing plain socks show compliance and they are less likely to come up with ideas that will be considered crazy and out of the norm but it takes such a leap of faith to bring the impossible to possible.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothing

Funky socks are usually made of bright and bold colors and vibrant patterns. They might be of animals, food, sea creatures or even superheroes. When making a choice, people go for funky socks which match their personality which means you can tell the kind of a person you are dealing with by looking at the socks they are wearing. In addition, they are motivated to work towards achieving the goals they have set out for themselves because they have a daily reminder of what they are working towards. When the mind becomes programs to get to a certain goal it becomes very easy to get there. See awesome socks here

Funky socks take the seriousness out of the game when worn by people who hold high positions. Mostly, those who are in power are intimidating and this keeps those who hold lower ranks afraid of approaching them. However, when they put on crazy socks it means that they can take life lightly and anyone can approach them with the hope that they will listen. Being approachable is great because even if you will not be attracting people who have been able to rise to ranks you hold it does not mean you cannot learn something from the rest. This is how long-lasting relationships are made.

There is a code of conduct expected for people who are working in formal sectors and this means there is no chance of breaching this and not facing disciplinary actions. However, the issue of socks is entirely different and if you are not comfortable with what you are made to wear the least you can do for yourself is wear the craziest socks you can get your hands on. This will be your rebellion as you hold the job.